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An old man living in a small village, the whole village felt bothered because he always complained, making everyone around feel gloomy. Increasingly, he annoyed everyone around. He always makes those who meet him feel unhappy. Therefore, all the villagers tried their best to avoid facing him.
But one day, when the old man turned 80, everyone was surprised by the rumor: “Today is a happy day with the old man. He does not complain anything. He does not grimace, even I still smile a lot. “The villagers gathered around the man and asked: “What happened to you?”.
“Nothing special. Over the past 80 years, I have tried to pursue happiness but it has no effect. I have just decided to live without happiness, just enjoy the present. That is when I feel happiest ever. ”
Lesson: Do not pursue happiness. Enjoy your life, happiness will find itself.

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